High-level Economic Development Officer

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The client is an experienced Economic Development Officer specialising in supporting business engagement with government funding initiatives. A new opportunity to connect businesses with training and development facilities to drive growth and ensure a robust local workforce arose, requiring an updated resume, cover letter and key selection criteria. The client had a lengthy career history in working collaboratively with businesses to support their achievement of strategic goals, innovation and growth.

The client’s resume required a full re-write with a greater focus on specific achievements. Having enjoyed a history of strong performance, the resume was reworked to profile those stand-out events and integrate career achievements. Existing content was streamlined and condensed.

The selection criteria was heavily focused on tangible outcomes for clients and the organisation, with specific, robust examples utilised to demonstrate each criteria. The consultation process focused on drawing out those key achievements that could be weaved throughout the resume and create a smooth transition from the resume to the criteria.

The writing strategy was to create a set of documents that were to-the-point, highlighted the vast range of transferable capabilities and profiled a variety of professional achievements. The completed resume and cover letter can be adapted to suit applications for other roles if required, while the criteria showcased the client’s capabilities as aligned to the job description.

Written by Rebecca R