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Coming to the end of his graduate year of nursing, the client was looking to move back to the city to be closer to his family. For the past year, he had been located in a small hospital in the outback. From my own experiences living in the outback, I knew he would be gaining experience that graduate nurses in large city hospitals would not have had the opportunity to participate in.

Drawing out more specifics regarding his experience, I chose to pitch his experience working in outback hospitals as an asset to potential urban employers. Establishing the client’s point of difference from other applicants by speaking to the additional problem-solving and leadership skills he had gained in the past year, I highlighted his drive to learn new skills and engage in new experiences in the Career Outlook section.

Moving into writing his cover letter, I mirrored his outback experience and thirst for new experiences whilst showing how these are an asset in a larger hospital. I used a solid STAR example that not only demonstrated his transferrable clinical skills, but his ability to adapt to rapidly deteriorating circumstances that required liaising with external services due to the challenges of rural nursing.