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As a passionate and caring Nursing Student, the client was eager to enrol into a Graduate Nurse Program within a reputable hospital. Her long-term goal was to specialise in anaesthetic nursing.

Throughout her studies and clinical practicum placements, she showed a strong will to extend her knowledge and improve her capabilities, overcoming a language barrier at the start of her University Diploma. During our consultation, I could tell that she was a strongly motivated and ambitious individual who had grown confidence and was ready for her nursing career to commence. Cautiously reading all of her placements summaries, I was able to extract outstanding feedback from the various clinical facilitators, as well as specific skills and knowledge she developed and strengthened over the years. To tie it all up, we included relevant professional experience showcasing her interpersonal and positive demeanour skills, making her a great team worker able to work independently.

We were able to provide the client with clear, strong documents which will considerably increase her chances to obtain an interview. We wish her the best in her future career!