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At the beginning of his career, after working in a number of sectors including as an owner/operator, this client had honed in on the industry he was most intent on conquering. Not only this but in a demonstration of his Trainee Management experience, enthusiasm and determination, he was looking to prove himself, taking on additional responsibility in a more stimulating and challenging role. Although the client knew the industry he preferred, he was looking to apply for a broad range of jobs speaking to his interests and future goals. This meant taking the time to dissect the industry he wanted to work in. Through this process, we identified what was the most valued experience and skills this industry was after.

The client also needed help in structuring and drawing out his personal attributes and professional capabilities. The resume he supplied contained basic information but needed to be elaborated on to ensure he was a standout applicant. Another obstacle was his age, being so young and having changed jobs frequently, it was a feature we needed to approach creatively. I worked with the client to dress these circumstances in a more attractive manner, highlighting his transferable skillset, his desire to work in a challenging environment, his adaptability and well-developed people skills. By doing this, I was able to create a professional profile that discouraged focus on the frequency of job changes and instead emphasised his ability to learn new skills quickly, his flexibility and willingness to take on any required task.

Overall, the end product was one that could be used in a wide range of situations and with a well-chosen design, presented as a standout application. The client was extremely happy with the final resume, stating that he was impressed at how we could extend on his experience and skills through structuring and placing the content correctly.

Written by Kristie Moore.