Fly-In-Fly-Out Chef for Mining Work

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This client had worked in hospitality and food management in both a restaurant and aged care facility kitchen in practical and management roles. His studies in commercial cookery had instilled a passion to work on fly-in-fly-out projects in the mining industry as a Chef. With specialist knowledge of food preparation and the legislative requirements of running a commercial kitchen, he had the knowledge but presently lacked the experience for such a role.

Therefore, I concentrated on his core work ethic, transferable skills, and passion for mine work within his resume to make a logical, seamless transition from his past work experience toward his ideal outcome.

With only two prior jobs, and no prior resume, I set to work to considerably explore the duties he had performed both as a Chef and also as a Manager and organiser. Doing this enabled me to build up a picture of an individual whose skills and experience would make him ideal candidate for the physically demanding work of setting up, supplying, and running kitchens in remote areas providing a diverse cuisine to upwards of a 1,000 people a day.

His resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His obvious interest in food preparation, catering and the commercial aspects of running a kitchen and how the work he does has made  him a natural fit for FIFO mine work
  • His strong ability to keep abreast of policies and legislation surrounding food preparation

I researched his field thoroughly as there was much industry-specific terminology and legislature to understand in order to accurately reflect the breadth of his knowledge and experience. In the past, I had prepared FIFO Chef resumes so was familiar with the nature of the work was able to reflect his back into his experience and skill sets.

Written by Steve S.