Fire Fighting Resume and Cover Letter

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This client had worked and volunteered in the emergency services since leaving school. He had gained a good overall grounding in emergency medical and fire response duties now had a focus upon working as a fire fighter. With the next round of trainee intakes approaching, he wanted a resume and cover letter that reflected his passion, experience and acquired skills.

Concentrating on this passion, along with his core belief of wanting to give something back to the community in a practical way, his strong work ethic, and his transferable skills from working as an Apprentice Electrician, I put together a cover letter and document that presented him as a valuable, mature, committed and eminently suitable candidate.

His voluntary and paid work in fire services and medical response team work was a natural springboard for me to present his credentials whilst his work as an electrician reflected a range of transferable skills including hazardous locations work and physical fitness. With strong safety knowledge and record together with a very strong key achievement regarding working calmly under pressure in a highly fraught medical emergency, I was able to present him very powerfully for the role he was targeting.

His resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His passion for emergency services in general and fire fighting  in particular and how his previous experience made him a perfect fit
  • His strong ability to remain calm in highly pressured situations and environments

I researched the emergency service sector thoroughly with particular attention to Country Fire Authority policies and legislation as this was the arena in which he would be working.

Written by Steve S.