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This client was applying for newly refined chaplaincy position at a prestigious all-boys school in the inner-suburbs of a major city and was looking for a well articulated and presented Resume and Cover Letter.  He wanted it to not only encompass the very specific position description but also highlight his highly refined skill set and experience, in which he was having difficulty with. The client had more than 30 years of teaching experience and 15 years of experience as a chaplain at a large, well-known boys school. Despite this, part of his frustration was drawing parallels between the job requirements and his past duties.

Through consistent communication prior to our consult, I ensured that the client was well prepared and that as much information as possible was sent through to me prior to our scheduled discussion. This made sure that we made the most of this time. I was able to coach him in seeing his skills in a more transferable manner and through open-ended questioning, encouraged him to share more detail about his role over the last 15 years. This allowed him to gain confidence in the application process and his credentials backing up his experience.

Being a high priority order with a tight turnaround, all the steps I took in guaranteeing we created high-quality documents paid off. I remained contactable during the process, which worked well for the client. This meant he felt assured that he would receive his order back on time. The result was that he was able to confidently apply for the desired position before it closed and with all requisites accounted for. Overall he was extremely happy with the end product and the effort made to achieve such a tight deadline.

Written by Kristie Moore.