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Working with this client to find a time suitable to her work and family to consult on her application, we were able to find a mutually available time to chat over the weekend. A qualified Research Librarian, the client had been working outside of her preferred industry whilst waiting or a suitable position to become available.

Speaking with her during a telephone consult, I was able to guide her through the process of constructing suitable STAR examples, using the previous applications to assist me in understanding her voice. The vacant role the client was applying for required her to address 12 criteria in no more than three pages. Every word had to count.

Succinctly addressing the criteria, ensuring depth was not sacrificed for brevity, I used unique STAR examples for each criterion heading that evidenced her ability to do several job requirements, ensuring the recruiter was able to see multiple examples of each of the skills in the workplace within the brief responses.

Whilst collaborating via email, the client asked me for my opinion on her resume. I let her know that I felt it could use strengthening as it did not outline any of the duties she performed in each role nor did it have a clear format or easy to read section for key skills. I suggested she speak to Sales if she would like me to get assist her to update her resume.

After reading through the finished document sent to her by editing, the client requested the addition of some new information and to rearrange a few paragraphs. And whilst the size limit of Selection Criteria did not allow for me to include a comprehensive list of duties as she requested, I suggested this would be information that would be better off listed on her resume. The client had already let me know she would not be moving forward with her resume update at this time for a number of reasons, and understanding this I offered feedback on how to incorporate this information into her resume and add to the strength of her application.