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This client had worked as a domestic, commercial and industrial Plumber for a few years and has gained a good all round grounding in a range of projects of varying size and complexity. He felt his skills and experience could be best leveraged working on mine sites in WA where he was prepared to relocate if necessary. His salary expectations also played a part in his decision, although he did have many friends who worked as Plumbers and Electricians in the Pilbara mine sites and the work and lifestyle appeals to him greatly.

Using his broad domestic and commercial experience as a base to work from, I built up a picture of a dedicated, conscientious and skilled plumber whose core abilities would transfer seamlessly to the mining industry.

His exposure to working on a range of projects in varied situations, including new-builds, high-rise projects and construction developments in a variety of locations such as underground and at heights, was a major plus, as was his commitment to observing a safe and policy-compliant work environment. Another plus was his commitment to ongoing professional development as he is working whilst studying for his Certificate III in Plumbing Services.

The cover letter highlighted his passion for his chosen field, his studies, his upward progression in responsibility and his commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

His resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His ability to work with limited supervision and within a team
  • His excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • His self-motivation and ability to be calm under pressure

As an entry-level position, I made the most of his transferable skills, however his prior experience and study held him good stead and it was my job to position him as an ideal candidate based on these skills.

Written by Steve S.