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The client has, in their estimation, reached the peak of their career in new and used car sales and wants to begin anew in the mining sector. The applicable qualities were evidentially all soft skills and during the consult, I agreed with him that it was these we should leverage to provide a credible bridge to present as a candidate for an entry level mining opportunity. The clients’ key strengths were staff and customer engagement and an ability to motivate and inspire his teams to increase performance. In the cover letter and resume I highlighted his talent for positive reinforcement and ability to both lead and inspire. Possibly the only congruent skill he had was being head of the health and safety committee in his most recent role. This was obviously a major plus and I made sure this was mentioned prominently.

 He was willing and able to work FIFO rosters and was prepared to commit to ongoing professional development. His passion and enthusiasm were obvious and I reflected this in the language I used in his documents. His mining resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His outstanding work ethic, with a proven aptitude to perform well autonomously and also make engage and motivate his teams
  • His preparedness to work FIFO, unsocial hours and weekend rosters if required His strict adherence to occupational health and safety policies and procedures

I researched his prior work history before the consult as there were some dealerships that had gone out of business and needed so information on. He was quite clear that he had achieved all his goals and ambitions within the new and used car sales business, and whilst recognising his lack of any sort of practical experiential skills, his passion and enthusiasm were very apparent. This I think is accurately reflected within the body of the text.

Written by Steve S.

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