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The client, who wishes to transition into the mining industry, has worked his entire career within dairy farming in both an operational and managerial roles, improving processes, increasing revenue and managing staff. He has also built up skills in preventative maintenance on a range of fixed and mobile plant. He has achieved all the goals he set for himself in his existing industry and wants to begin anew in the mining sector. The applicable qualities were staff and customer engagement and an ability to motivate and inspire his teams to increase performance.

In the cover letter and resume, I highlighted his talent for positive reinforcement and ability to both lead and inspire. His applicable operational skills with machinery were congruent as were his work health and safety knowledge. All of these qualities were highlighted in his new cover letter and resume.

He was willing and able to work FIFO rosters, and was prepared relocate to WA for the right entry-level role that would allow for ongoing professional development. His passion and enthusiasm for his existing industry was obvious and I reflected this in the language I used in his documents, and how this would transfer well into the mining industry. His resume and cover letter strongly supported the following qualities:

  • His outstanding work ethic, with a proven aptitude to perform well autonomously and also make engage and motivate his teams
  • His preparedness to relocate, work FIFO, unsocial hours and weekend rosters if required
  • His strict adherence to occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • His preventative maintenance skills

I researched dairy farming and sharefarming practices and responsibilities to better understand his current industry. He was quite clear that he had achieved all his ambitions in this sector but I was able to build a robust document the positioned him as an absolutely candidate for an entry level mining position from which he would able to focus on the particular area he would flourish in.

Written by Steve S.