Entry Level Mining Resume and Cover Letter

This client has been working as a Boilermaker for a range of companies and business sectors such as trailer and shed fabrication, as well as residential steel-structure residences. Having gained almost 13 years of continuous experience in Victoria and Northern Territory, he is now wishing to consolidate his boilermaking experience and transfer it into the Mining industry, in an entry-level role.

He is in a position where his skills can be successfully leveraged and is prepared to work any roster as well take on Fly-in-fly-out positions in order to be as flexible as possible.

My job was to position the client as someone with an upward arc of experience and proficiency and an individual with strong safety awareness skills. Additionally, he is currently the youngest fully qualified boilermaker in his current role, where he has been for almost five years.

This gave me the opportunity to highlight the fact he is a highly valued member of staff, and also one who is seen as a resource persona mentor for apprentices coming up through the ranks.

The key skills I highlighted in his resume were:

  • His commitment to ongoing professional development, with a demonstrated ability to constantly be reviewing his performance and work standards and always identifying and exploring opportunities for improvement
  • His highly effective written and verbal communication skills and the ability to clearly explain instructions and techniques that improve the efficiency of the entire team
  • The fact that he is a logical thinker with excellent problem-solving capabilities vital for tackling technical issues on site
  • His ability to motivate and inspire a team and well as work as a collaborative member of a crew
  • His steady work history with an upward progression of responsibilities and experience
  • His understanding of the importance of hazard awareness and safety issues
  • His ability to remain calm and decisive under pressure

The cover letter summarised all these qualities and articulately presented his passion and commitment to re-invent himself in a new industry, leveraging his existing trade to do so.