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The client, an IT support technician was seeking to expand their scope of work and mix of duties that they performed in a local small business to a entry level position in a corporate setting. With experience in small business the client wanted to expand their career and gain greater exposure to a range of hardware and software with a larger user base.The existing resume was not up to the task and a completely new resume and cover letter was required. As the target position was either a helpdesk or desktop support position, the strategy for this document was to focus on transferable skills and highlight some of the achievements and additional experience the client had over applicants that were totally new to the industry and emphasise any critical skills and experience in the field.

The consultation focused on gathering information on technical  skills, products and software he was confident working with and that would be an asset to a potential employer. Additionally, we worked to extract some technology based achievements to add to his current role such as server level administration and web design and e-commerce skills.

The resulting resume is focused on the client’s desired role to gain entry into the competitive corporate IT world, showcases his unique skills and provides a easily modifiable resume and cover letter.  The cover letter is not tailored to any particular company and provides the client with a document that can be simply changed to apply to a range of companies with minimal editing.

Written by Mark R.