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The client has extensive experience in the theatre industry and having recently completed a Bachelor of Teaching, has been working as a Casual Relief Teacher in secondary schools, with the aim of securing a full-time position as a Drama or English Teacher. The client did not have a specific role she was applying for, choosing to get a resume, cover letter and selection criteria developed in the event a position is advertised. The selection criteria for teachers is quite often the same for each position, which worked in this client’s favour, as she now has a complete set of documents that will be required from a school. To apply for roles in Victorian secondary schools within the state system, applicants are required to submit the following documents:

Cover Letter – This is generally a one-page document that gives a brief overview of the client’s qualifications, experience and skills they will bring to the position

Resume – Usually a 3-4 page document that outlines the employment history, qualifications, professional profile and key strengths of the applicant

Selection Criteria – In Victoria, this is generally the answering of five questions that give a detailed outline of the applicants skills in the areas of communication, ability to use assessment to inform teaching, understanding of the Standards and Principles of Teaching and Learning, ability to contribute to whole school activities, and capacity to work effectively with colleagues.

To complete this application I organised a phone consultation with the client to discuss where she was at in her career, what roles she was hoping to target and the information that I required from her. The majority of information that she needed to provide consisted of clear examples in response to the selection criteria using the Situation, Task, Action and Result (STAR) method. With one page per response being the norm for teaching selection criteria, the client needed to provide 2-3 examples for each criteria question. The client also needed to provide me with her existing resume.

Being able to draw upon my own experience as a teacher, I was able to put together a comprehensive application that I feel highlights the valuable experience the client had in the theatre industry which is relevant in her role as a Drama Teacher, and details the abilities she has enhanced as a Casual Relief Teacher. With her experience and the excellent information she provided me with, I am confident that she will be able to secure full-time employment within a secondary school, which will allow her to progress from Provisional to Proficient Teacher status.

Written by Melissa W.