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A client seeking to move into the fiercely competitive public service sector sought help when she was unsure of how to best approach the one-page applicant response task. The document would need to relate to the following criteria points:

  • how your skills, knowledge and experience will be relevant to this role
  • why you are interested in the role and what you can offer us
  • any specific examples or achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform the role.

The client wanted to showcase her transferable skills, and to stand out while accurately and ethically responding to the required criteria. It can be difficult to create engaging and dynamic responses to such broad criteria points, as it’s easy to give a generalised answer instead of specific details. It’s vital to give detailed, contextualised examples to prove your ability to undertake the role, and we utilise the STAR method to ensure examples have the most impact on the reader.

Working closely with the client to develop her responses, I noted an interesting ‘throwaway’ comment about a potential example to the final point. Though the client already had an adequate example to use, I guided her to tell me more about the event she had alluded to. This led to the client realising an example she had overlooked was actually quite profound and meaningful, and the development of a stronger example with more impact.

Oftentimes, our ability to discuss career examples is made more difficult because we forget the importance of our daily tasks. Talking with someone outside of your industry can be incredibly useful when drafting responses, as it gives a fresh perspective and gives you the chance to remember the value in your efforts. By working with my client to understand her work experiences and motivations, I had the opportunity to support her in seeing her work in a newer, more positive light, and to create the strongest possible examples for her applicant response.

I am confident that the client would be a worthy addition to the Department’s team, and I look forward to hearing how her application progresses.