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The client was applying for four separate roles in Local Council, in CEO and General Manager roles. While the responsibilities for each position were similar, the challenges faced by each Shire differed, and each role had a different focus depending on the competency of the current Council.

Each role requested a Key Selection Criteria or Statement of Claims, addressing specific points such as;

  • Previous experience in a Council leadership role
  • Understanding of legislation and finance pertaining to local government
  • Excellent human resources skills
  • Communication,
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Managing change

The client had over 25 years of experience to draw on, with significant success in previous roles. We were able to draw on his success in managing complex changes and working through inherited challenges in Council roles, reversing negative public perception and creating opportunities for growth.

The client had excellent skills to meet each criterion and was able to demonstrate how he had made a positive impact in each role, and that through succession planning and establishing frameworks, he could confidently leave the role knowing that the changes were sustainable.

The client is a strong candidate, with extensive and unique experience that will enable him to attract interest from recruiting Councils.