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A seasoned Business Development Manager with diverse experience across industries requested an update and transformation of his resume that would ensure an invitation to interview.

As the client was not targeting a specific role, the brief was to create a ‘Shopping list’ resume that showcased all of his skills and experiences, as well as a career profile that was specific about the direction he wanted to take his career. As all of Select Resumes documents are sent to the client in an editable format, the client was confident in creating customised revisions to tailor it to specific positions once provided with a strongly written resume.

During our consult, we discussed previous roles, and identified the clients driving values, high ethics and exceptional customer relationship skills that ensured his success in any environment. These factors became the over-riding theme of the refreshed resume and cover letter.

Working through an existing resume, we identified achievements that could be strengthened by rewriting in the STAR example format, and updated keywords that were relevant to the types of positions he was seeking, as well as adding in recent accomplishments and success.

Creating a generic cover letter, I chose to highlight key achievements from the client’s career history, in addition to the many business strengths and relatable skills that have effected positive change in his previous roles to entice the application reviewer to continue to his resume.

Unsure of design choice, I assisted the client in choosing a striking Business Executive design from Select Resumes template gallery, based on his preference of colour, and suitable cover-page theme that matched his ability to ‘build business and relationships’ – values that themed heavily in his resume.