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This client was highly experienced in his field but wanted to now utilise his skills in the mining industry. He wanted to have a resume that showcased his technical abilities and how they could easily be transferred to the resources sector. The client sent through a job link to a key mining company, which he felt he had a suitable set of skills to match.

During the consultation, we discussed his most recent two roles, which were not related to his trade. One was retail-based, and the other was labouring. The client had undertaken these local roles initially for family reasons, but he had a very positive way of explaining this. He saw both roles as opportunities to gain skills in areas that he had no experience in, and excel in new industries.

To positively portray this, we discussed how these roles had helped him to become a more marketable and well-rounded employee; through developing excellent customer service skills, an understanding customer requirements, and a wider understanding of how a multi-disciplined organisation runs, and how this could help with future roles in his trade. It was also important to note that his trade skills had helped him in different industries – enabling him to apply health and safety and continuous improvement aspects.

Although the client has no direct mining experience, his resume shows that he is a well-rounded candidate who is eager to learn and can adapt to any work environment. The resume showcases how technical skills and ability to understand business operations and goals will enable him to succeed in a new industry, and that if exposed to the mining sector, he has the ability to understand the requirements.