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A professional administrator with over a decade of performing high-level admin and training in the armed forces, this client was preparing to enter civilian life. Not needing a resume in order to move between positions whilst serving, she enlisted the help of Select Resumes to build her a strong resume that general cover letter that would be suitable for executive assistant and APS5 level jobs.

Using effective interviewing techniques, I led a conversation that covered the breadth of her career and pinpointed specifics such as dates and role titles. Discussing her professional development, the client said she had done a lot of training in the service, but doubted any of it would be relevant. Knowing she would have a service record with this listed, I asked her to provide me with the courses she had done so I could pick out any transferrable skills I could find. In addition to this, I asked the client to tell me about a time she had demonstrated high-level office management and administrative skills to use as a STAR example in her cover letter.

To highlight the diversity of her skills, I added a Core Competencies section under her professional profile as I wanted this easy to skim read list of complex tasks she could perform to be what the recruiters saw before her lack of corporate experience. Following this, I outlined her Administrative Skills, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Professional Characteristics under separate headings in order to create a skills-based resume that was easy to navigate depending on the role she applied for. The training record the client had sent me proved invaluable in building a professional development list – she had underestimated her professional learning immensely.

Moving on to her cover letter, I created it with prompts within it for her to add specifics to each role and company she applied to. Highlighting her all-round office and staff management skills and using the STAR example we had discussed, her general cover letter would be a strong contender for any executive assistant or office management role she chose to apply for upon discharge.


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