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This is a client who I have worked with numerous times, who has always been successful in getting to the interview stage. She is currently trying to secure a higher-level role as she has acted in senior positions numerous times in various capacities.

With extensive experience working for the department, this client has a lot to offer. So, my task was to highlight her strengths in line with this role, with a focus on a recent stint acting in the very position she was applying for.

To demonstrate the client’s capacity to perform in this role, it was necessary to address several critical areas within 700 words, including


> has an in-depth understanding of risk management frameworks to analyse and interpret data to provide advice on complex queries

> has strong problem-solving skills and identifies opportunities to improve the client experience

> is a confident communicator who can engage and tailor information to a variety of audiences

> mentors and guides team members and can review the quality of work

> is knowledgeable in tax and superannuation laws and can interpret them to provide advice and recommendations

> has tertiary qualifications or experience in intelligence or related finance/business discipline or has industry or government experience in a corporate advisory, commercial or risk-related role.

To achieve this, the client and I discussed three strong examples that encompassed the above traits of an ideal candidate. Using keywords from the position description, I included a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result, ensuring the examples were pitched at the appropriate level for this role.

Because the client has already been acting in this role, we decided it was best to focus on recent examples. To demonstrate her leadership qualities, we also included an example from a time she was leading and mentoring a team.

As a result of my clear focus on the requirements of the role and using strong interviewing skills to obtain the right balance of examples, this client has been provided with a strong statement. Therefore, this perfectly tailored content should, once again, assist her in gaining an interview.

Industry: ATO, Risk Officer