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The client required a short 400-word statement to address a general capability statement for an application to the recruitment pool for the NSW Government. As an experienced Admin Officer with legal training, the client had a range of transferable skills and was eager to move from the private sector to opportunities in the Australian Public Service (APS).

As the statement had a restricted word count of only 400 words, the consultation centered on working with the client to produce an example that covered a range of aspects. With that example as the core of the piece, relevant details such as employment history , relevant training and motivations to seek employment were discussed.

The resulting piece serves as a concise summary of the clients experience, as well as showcases a significant example that demonstrates her capacity in an admin and customer service role.  With additional examples, this piece could also be expanded into a larger document such as a one or two-page statement suitable for use in applying for other APS roles.

Written by Mark R.