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The Seek Story

The Seek Story

SEEK and its subsidiary companies, known as the Seek Group, focus on facilitating the matching between job seekers and employment opportunities and helping hirers find candidates for advertised roles.

SEEK was founded by brothers Paul and Andrew Bassat and Matthew Rockman, essentially as an online version of print employment classifieds. The website,, was launched in 1998. Headquartered in Melbourne, SEEK is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Operating across Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, SEEK has exposure to over 4 billion people and greater than 30% of Global GDP.

SEEK is a diverse group of companies that has a unified purpose to help people to find ideal career paths that match their skills, lifestyle and ambitions.

The Group encompasses a strong portfolio of employment, education and volunteer businesses which spans the globe. Their mission is to create world-class product technology solutions to address the needs of job seekers and hirers and facilitate the matching between job seekers and hirers across their various online employment marketplaces.


Job seeking on SeekCo-Founder and CEO of SEEK Andrew Bassat has seen a strong peek in job-ad traffic in the past 18 months, “We’re delighted, the economy has been very strong, and unemployment has been coming down, but we think the bigger part of the story for our business, has been really good investments we’ve made over the past six or seven years to deepen our relationships with job seekers and hirers and provide a broader range of services – it’s the biggest part of the story in terms of performance and it’s very pleasing.”


Online Education Services (‘OES’) offers leading online education and SEEK Learning offers trusted advice in relation to career-related education. SEEK’s commitment to having a positive impact on society is reflected through its diverse range of initiatives which their businesses across the globe partake in to support the communities they operate within.

In Australia and New Zealand, SEEK Volunteer is each country’s largest single source of volunteering opportunities offering not-for-profit organisations free access to post volunteer opportunities. This free marketplace is something SEEK is exceptionally proud of.

Over its 20 years of operation, SEEK continues to innovate within the markets it operates in. They provide a culture of excellence and acceptance in the workplaces and celebrate the diversity of employees that contribute to the success of our organisation.

The Website

SEEK’s website is obviously known for its job ads for which it is justly a market leader. It has recognised that to stay a winner in a highly competitive market; it has to offer more and be able to back up its claims. For example, SEEK Learning offers practical direct links to courses and career opportunities for emerging graduates as well as advice on such subjects as finding the right course to match your circumstances, how to prepare for the discipline of studying online, tips for mature students, motivational advice, and even qualifying for courses with no prior experience.

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SEEK is a market leader for a reason. Their numbers are impressive but that is borne out of a passion for what they do and to see hirers and job-seekers paired up perfectly. You can make those numbers work for you by not only finding the right job but find the advice, tools and assistance to make the jump from applying to landing that interview.