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The Gumtree Jobs Story

In July 2017, Online classifieds board Gumtree has celebrated its 10th birthday with a complete site redesign and services overhaul, putting more of a focus on its car sales division and unveiling a new dedicated job board.

The site, which was founded in 2000 and then acquired by eBay five years later, has also put a focus on becoming more mobile-friendly, with the release of a new mobile site and an app for its jobs platform.

Gumtree general manager Martin Herbst said at the time, “A little over a year ago we started looking at upgrading the design of Gumtree as we had more or less the same logo for while … and we thought that now is the time to take the big step forward,” Herbst told The Australian the classifieds website was looking to expand beyond traditional e-commerce channels, starting with a focus on building a “very vibrant jobs board and jobs marketplace”.

The Gumtree Jobs website offers more than 40,000 jobs across the country and forms a wide range of industry sectors. Although when it began it focussed on the blue-collar market, they have moved more toward embracing white-collar positions as well to create a broader appeal to employers and job-seekers.

Job-seeking sites: GumtreeHow it Works

For job seekers, Gumtree Jobs has a dedicated page with an easy-to-navigate interface whereby you can quickly see job categories and how many jobs are currently available in each. The job app is very popular and very useful. Jobseekers can create a profile within minutes and have a simple search engine that can save possible jobs in and allow you to apply directly with a few taps.

Gumtree Jobs

Job seekers can create their own profile on the Gumtree Jobs app.

For employers, Gumtree Jobs provides recruiters with a simple, affordable and effective solution for placing jobs on Australia’s local marketplace. Offering a range of job ad types, the site offers employers their own dedicated Account Manager, a ‘My Business’ page showcasing all the company’s job ads, their branding plus a bio about their business for increased exposure, and an ‘About this recruiter’ section appears on ads showing logo, branding, website and contact details.

Certain jobs are showcased within their own bespoke panels and job seekers can see at a glance key job details such as location, date listed, whether the role is part-time, full time or casual, basic salary details and a job description. From there you can hit the ‘send a message’ button, just as you would a regular Gumtree ad. You will be taken to a window where you can type a short note, attach your resume, and take it from there. Some larger companies will direct you their own bespoke application portals, but a majority of ads are very direct and user-friendly.


The Gumtree Jobs web and mobile phone app portals win with their simple, easy to use interface. Still with a slant more toward trades and services, and hospitality-oriented jobs, it has found a niche with this demographic who appreciate a direct way to interact with employers, combined with an abundance of vital information and no-nonsense add-ons.