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The JobActive Story

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JobActive is an initiative of the Australian Government to get more Australians into work. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of JobActive providers in over 1,700 locations across Australia.

Having a job not only provides financial security but also enhances self-confidence, self-esteem and social and economic participation. The JobActive program is designed to ensure that employment services providers are committed to helping job seekers find sustainable employment.

Job Services Australia began in 1998 as ‘Job Network’ after the dissolution of the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES). In 1996–97, the Australian Federal Parliament passed legislation to combine the functions of the CES and the Department of Social Security. As a result, Centrelink was created to provide monetary welfare support to people across Australia. The delivery of employment services was tendered out to Job Network organisations whose primary responsibility was to assist people into work. In 2009, the Rudd Government renamed the program ‘Job Services Australia’. It was replaced by the JobActive program on 1 July 2015.

JobActiveDemonstrating the Department of Employment’s commitment to the Closing the Gap initiative and to drive continuous improvement in Indigenous employment outcomes, JobActive includes specific provider targets in relation to Indigenous job seekers. These targets make explicit the expectation that providers achieve parity benchmarks in employment placements and outcomes for Indigenous job seekers.

Services Offered

For employers, the network of JobActive providers across Australia can help employers find staff for their business. JobActive providers work with employers to understand and meet staffing needs. They refer potential employees for the business who are ready for a real work environment, provide support after the new employee starts work and as they settle into the job, provide wage subsidies for eligible job seekers who are mature aged (over 50), long-term unemployed, or Indigenous, under 30 years of age, or a parent. JobActive providers have a strong understanding of local labour markets. They know where the jobs are, what to do to help job seekers get ready for work and how to match job seekers to employer needs.

For eligible job-seekers, JobActive provides access to tailored help from a JobActive provider, based on their assessed needs. This could include help looking for work, writing a resume and preparing for interviews, referrals to jobs in their local area, training that is suited to the skills that local employers need, case management so that job seekers are ready to take up and keep a job, and support to complete Work for the Dole or other eligible activities to provide them with work-like experiences, to help them learn new skills and improve their chances of finding a job. A JobActive provider will have a face-to-face meeting with the job seeker to develop a Job Plan. The Job Plan will set out all of the activities the job seeker will do to help them find work, such as the job searches that they need to carry out and the activities that they need to complete.

The Results

As of April 2018, JobActive has reached the one million job placement milestone. Every day since its inception in 2015, JobActive and its network of providers have helped employers find staff and job seekers find jobs. That number represents so many individuals who are thriving now that they have a job.

The initiative’s achievement rate has been particularly successful amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders where for Indigenous Australians, nearly 34,000 job placements were recorded – 89.4 per cent of the target. Encouragingly, performance improved by 14 percentage points on 2015–16 figures.