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The Ethical Jobs Story

Ethical Jobs was started in 2009 by Michael Cebon. Having previously worked in the not-for-profit sector, he was struck by how few job-seeking sites existed for community-centred companies and individuals with an ethical foundation. Starting the website he soon discovered he was not alone in this desire to bring together like-minded individuals and organisations who believe in a more equitable, more just or more environmentally sustainable world.

Surrounding himself with a passionate team of professionals from HR, business and relationships management, web engineering, software architecture and growth marketing, Cebon insisted the team share his views of propagating social change, human rights, the environment, social justice, sustainability and community-based objectives. main impact is in helping organisations that are making a difference connect with passionate, committed and ethically compatible staff – thus helping all parties make more of a social and environmental impact through their activities.

The company also puts its money where its mouth is by supporting Australian community groups by making regular donations to not-for-profit groups that they believe are carrying out good in making the world a more just or more sustainable place. is also committed to being an ethical and sustainable organisation – their office runs on Green Power, uses 100% recycled paper, and the staff even get to and from the office only via bikes, feet or public transport as much as they can.

How it Works

Ethical JobsThe website is simplicity itself, simply browse the dozens of positions grouped by role categories, such as eco-tourism, legal and human rights, conservation and land management, and then select the job of your choosing and apply directly to the employer.

The company only hosts clients on its website that are focussed on a more just, equitable and sustainable world. These can be across a multitude of sectors including not-for-profit, social enterprise and government positions.

It is a clean, efficient and easy to navigate portal that connects job-seeker and employer in the most direct, unfussy route.

By its very nature the site has not got the depth of jobs of a SEEK or INDEED, with only a few hundred jobs on offer at any one time, but that very selectivity can pay dividends – with fewer people chasing niche jobs, you can be relatively assured that your application will stand a much larger chance of being seen than via the ‘cattle-call’ aggregate sites.

If there’s nothing that catches your eye, you can create an email alert for that type of role. They also have a highly useful resource page packed with useful information from how to put together a resume to taking your first steps toward creating an ethical career. With information on not-for-profit organisations and volunteer work, there are plenty of useful tips for employers and candidates alike.


Although they may be a niche player, punches well above their weight and offer a much-needed boost to Australia’s growing need for employers and employees who demonstrate an ethical, sustainable and caring profile. That the company practices what it preaches with hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to worthy not-for-profit organisations proves to users that they are an authentic and admirable player in the crowded job-seeking market. makes a difference, as Cebon says,

“We bridge the gap between the thousands of not-for-profit organisations that strive to make our world a better place, and our community of passionate, values-driven job-seekers.”