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How INDEED Works

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According to their own website, INDEED is different from most online recruitment tools for employers. As a search engine, INDEED aggregate job listings from thousands of sources across the internet, including job boards, company career sites and recruiter listings. These consolidations of job listings both eliminate the need for companies to post jobs in multiple locations and streamline the search process for job seekers.

In addition to aggregating job listings from other sources, INDEED search results include jobs that were posted directly by employers. Many small and medium-sized businesses post jobs to INDEED rather than maintaining their own career sites, but companies of all sizes use this self-serve recruitment tool. Jobs posted directly to INDEED are managed through an online employer dashboard and can be easily browsed and applied to from mobile devices, making it easy for candidates to apply even if a computer is not accessible.

However, listings end up on INDEED, and job seekers can use simple yet powerful search tools to find opportunities that are relevant to their skills and interests.

The Statistics

INDEED has consolidated its position in Australia over the years

  • INDEED drives twice as many hires as all other branded job sites, combined
  • INDEED garners 200 million unique visits each month worldwide

With more quality jobs on offer, more job seekers seem drawn to INDEED. The combination of job volume and candidate activity produces more hires than any other site, by far. For the sixth year in a row, INDEED has out-performed all other job sites by an ever-increasing margin. A deep analysis of 14 million applications, 655,000 interviews and 329,000 hires by SilkRoad shows that among online job sites, INDEED is responsible for 65% of all hires from job sites and 72% of all interviews. No other site comes close.

The Website

INDEED’s website is easy to navigate. You can easily upload your resume or even build one with their own simple-to-use template. Searching for jobs is also straightforward with plenty of filters to drill down your search. The results will be broken down by relevance to your search, salary range, fate posted, job type (Full Time, Permanent, Contract, etc.), distance from your location, etc.

Extra services include an active blog page, plenty of assistance for hirers, and naturally, a fully integrated app for applying on the move.

Indeed Jobs

Company Philosophy

If being one of the major players in the job-seeking market was not enough, they would appear to be an awesome company to work for which is reassuring to know.

It was reported in May that INDEED was offering staff ‘unlimited’ leave, in the belief it helps attract a higher calibre of staff and boosts morale. Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Virgin management and LinkedIn, INDEED saw a definite advantage in embracing this new paradigm in staff engagement and retention. Senior Vice President of Human Resources Paul Wolfe said, “Our teams work very hard, and we wanted to be able to give them the flexibility to meet ambitions, dreams, travel, family commitments, whatever it might be — and, more importantly, that they should be able to do it without guilt,”.

INDEED’s Australian boss Chris McDonald added, “We owe it to our colleagues, and we owe it to our families, to take the leave we need to feel rested and able to perform at our best. I believe it helps people achieve their potential because they’re in a far better space to do it.”

Mr McDonald said a recent survey conducted by INDEED revealed Australian workers would rather trade higher wages for other benefits such as flexible working and greater annual leave. He and his company would certainly be in a position to know.