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So, you have reached the end of your nursing education, and now your focus has shifted toward the bewildering amount of job applications and their specific requirements. Healthcare jobs are one of the most in-demand positions. However, there are more and more people targeting the very positions that you have spent the past years studying for. Whether you have decided to aim for a graduate program, or to work as an enrolled or registered nurse, you will quickly discover that having a professionally produced nursing resume and cover letter at the ready is your surest bet to securing the position you want.

Graduate nurse programs assist nurse graduates in making the transition into employment. Whilst graduate nursing and midwifery programs are desirable; they are not compulsory. Graduate programs are offered in both private and public health services across Australia. Many State Governments support graduate programs for newly qualified nurses and midwives entering the workforce. The programs vary in length from 6-12 months, and all include theoretical and clinical practice components.

Some mental health facilities may offer graduate nurses the opportunity to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing during their clinical placement.

Graduate programs are advertised towards the end of the academic year in newspapers and nursing publications.

Graduate Nursing Resume

Information on graduate nurse programs is available on the Graduate Careers Australia website and through Departments of Health across Australia. Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) is a peak body with representatives from employers, universities and government. GCA’s mission is to be the leading authority on the supply of, and demand of, new graduates in Australia and to use this position to foster employment and career opportunities for graduates, in association with the higher education sector, government and business.

It is crucial to understand the differing requirements of state-based intakes, and it will benefit you to closely read the details as set out here:

South Australia – Department of Health

Tasmania – Department of Health and Human Services

Victoria – Government Health Information (Nursing in Victoria)

Western Australia – Department of Health

ACT – Health – Nursing and Midwifery

New South Wales – Department of Health

Northern Territory – Nurses and Midwives

Queensland Health – Graduate Nurse Online Recruitment

Graduate Nursing Intake

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We will organise a consultation with one of our experienced writers who will ask you just the right questions to find out things about your studies and objectives that even you were not aware of. Then, we get to work composing your resume and cover letter that will perfectly reflect that critical mix of your qualifications, experience, any key achievements you may have gained, and your clear understanding of the requirements of the position being sought.

Regardless of how much or little experience you may have accrued so far, the fact you have now graduated is a vitally important step toward making your nursing career a reality, and your documents will perfectly reflect your suitability for the role you have chosen. Once written, we will prepare the text within a suitable and exclusive design template of your choice from dozens to select from. So, why not contact us today and find out more about creating a graduate nursing resume that will take you from successful graduation to interview consultation?

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Graduate Nursing Mid-Year Intake

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