Are You an Introvert? Find the Perfect Job!

What do Elon Musk, JK Rowling and Steven Spielberg have in common? No, not just being fantastically wealthy. They are all introverts, but did that stop any of them from becoming leaders in their field? Hardly. Introverts are often (and incorrectly) thought to be any or all of the following:

  • Withdrawn
  • Unfriendly
  • Awkward
  • Strange
  • Loners
  • Nerdy
  • Aloof
  • Shy

In truth, any of us can display one or more of these qualities from time to time, and that doesn’t necessarily define you as an introvert. Additionally, many of us find that we become more introverted as we get older. This may be because we’re more comfortable spending time alone. Or, maybe your social circle shrunk after university or you have a solo job and you’re secluded during work hours. COVID-19 restrictions and working from home has certainly created a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our working lives. But, whatever it is, delete that list of misinformed qualities from your mind. Focus on the following qualities instead, because genuine introverts tend to:

  • Decide quickly what needs to be done and adapt to the circumstances
  • Enjoy their alone time instead of feeling lonely during it
  • Focus on the task at hand without distraction
  • Handle situations independently and responsibly
  • Have fewer friendships, yet they’re deeper, long-term friendships
  • Listen well when others need to talk about something that’s on their mind
  • Seem unflappable, calm and in control
  • Think and consider their next move before they act or speak
  • Understand the big picture and how elements connect

So whilst you don’t have to label yourself as an introvert, make sure you understand and can emphasise these strengths that introverts often share. It’s the creativity, focus, dedication, and the ability to work well with others are all common traits of introverts, and all of these traits can make you a great employee.

jobs where an introvert can really shine

So what job or career suits you? Here are some examples of typical jobs, where introverts can really shine.

Truck Driver

From mining to logistics, a truck driver is by its very nature, a solitary pursuit. Being able to work for many hours without direct contact with colleagues is at the core of the role. Your patience, stress-management skills, and detail-oriented qualities will also be of great benefit. 

Software Developer

Analytical in nature, most software developers enjoy the opportunity to figure out complex solutions on their own. The option to work on a consulting basis is another perk of the position. Developers also enjoy the challenge of their position, and being constantly at the top of their game, since they must constantly learn new technologies and keep skills up to date.


For those with introverted personalities, pharmacy offers plenty of time for introspection but isn’t a job that’s entirely closed off from people – most pharmacists must still deal with customers on a daily basis. Many pharmacists also appreciate the contemplative and life-changing nature of their work.

Graphic Designer

Often working flexible hours, graphic designers work individually to finish creative projects for various clients. Most designers relish the creativity that the field brings and do their best work almost entirely on their own. Graphic designers value the intersection of art and technology that the career brings.

Market Research Analyst

Looking into market trends to help understand consumer opinions can be a great position for introverts who are interesting in marketing. Research analysts do anything from one-off studies to extensive research around an area of consumer interest. Analysing data is a significant part of their day.

Technical Writer

Putting together technical copy can be a great job for introverts who thrive on individual writing projects. Most writing projects are done on an individual basis and have infrequent interaction with supervisors often without the need for an office. Technical writers must also be comfortable using references to put together their work.

Civil Engineer

Although working in teams is part of the job description, civil engineers must do the bulk of their work individually. Civil engineers work on anything from tunnels to highways and supervise the construction of this type of infrastructure.

Ultimately, the best job for an introvert is the job that speaks to you. Get the job and then figure out how to succeed in it your way. It’s all part of the process of getting to know your own special brand of introversion and learning how to work with it.

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