Your Resume Your Personal Sales and Marketing Tool

Sales and Marketing Applied to the Resume

You may have heard the term ‘sales and marketing’ used to describe how a company promotes itself to its desired audience. However, sales and marketing are not simply for the business world. Creating a clear value proposition for yourself can help you to better market yourself to employers. Your personal value proposition needs proper sales and marketing to highlight your worth to a potential employer.

Creating a compelling value proposition means knowing the company you are targeting and their specific vision. It also means employing sales and marketing strategies to achieve those goals.  Your value proposition has several key elements. The main one is the problem or the opportunity. What is the issue you solve? And what is the new thing you make possible that wasn’t possible until now? Why is that important?  And why is it something the company needs to help them? A clear value proposition will increase your chances of being hired and the number of interview requests you receive.

Sales and Marketing Approach to Resumes

Set a Clearly Defined Goal

Many people become unclear about the specific role of a resume. Most think it is a tool to get a job, but that is an abstract interpretation. The true goal of your resume is to get you an interview. This is no mean feat, and should not be underestimated. When you consider how many people will be applying for your role – sometimes hundreds – you can then clearly see that to be shortlisted for an interview is a major achievement in and of itself. Knowing this simple distinction will help immeasurably when you come to position your resume in a competitive marketplace.

Resume Tips using Sales and Marketing Strategies

Realise Your Resume Is Not a List of Jobs

Hiring executives are looking for the best fit for the advertised role. Specifically, they are seeking those particular candidates who can bring the most value to the position. Your value is directly related to your professional accomplishments, where you have met needs and solved problems throughout your career. So how can you effectively feature them in your resume? You can begin by gathering the essential facts of each of your professional accomplishments. Position these into short, punchy paragraphs using the STAR format. These are your key achievements and the more you can put in the better chance you will have.

Using this approach allows you to feature four to six of your most compelling professional accomplishments and edit them under the corresponding job position on your resume. Periodically, you should replace some of your accomplishments with others you know will better fit the needs of a particular company or hiring executive.

Resume Sales and Marketing

Remember – Your Resume is Only One Part of Your Sales and Marketing Arsenal

Utilising social media is also a great way to market Brand You. A LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to augment and reinforce your value proposition. As a sales and marketing tool, even on its own, you will find LinkedIn an invaluable resource and part of your armoury of career-enhancing tools. There are various ways to utilise the site to suit your requirements. A good tip is to see who views your profile. This is a great way to see how you are positioning yourself in the marketplace and may give you the impetus to look at industry sectors you had not previously explored.


Remember, you will not be there to sell yourself during the hiring process. It is all up to your resume and your social media profiles. So, take some time to transform your resume into a powerful sales and marketing tool. Generate real interest in how your skills and accomplishments can solve problems for companies. That is how you become attractive to hiring executives, and that is how you open doors to that all-important interview.

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