Why Christmas Isn’t the Season to Slow Down Your Job Search

2019, Job Market

Why a Christmas Job Search is the Best present You Can Give Yourself 

Christmas neatly divides job hunters into two distinct groups – those who down tools and relax for a well-earned rest, and those who use the period to focus on that job search that they never quite have the time for normally. 

Job seekers and recruitment companies often say the holidays are slow for hiring but don’t believe it. At Select Resumes, we employ people who have worked in HR, and what is evident is the fact is getting hired throughout the holiday months of November and December was actually very feasible and often close to the top billing months of the year. It can be a great time to land that job, and it is recommended to keep your job search active throughout the holidays. 

Christmas job searching is the best present you can give yourself

Firstly, it’s not True a Christmas Job Search is Unproductive

While it’s true that some searches slow down or get put on hold, plenty of hiring still happens around the holidays. In fact, some hiring managers are desperate to fill positions before the new year or want someone to start very soon after the New Year. There are plenty of searches still going on, with candidates being interviewed and offers being made right up to December 23rd.

Be a Bigger Fish in a Smaller Pond

Candidates who are suitable for advertised jobs during this time have a greater chance of getting hired since many of their competing candidates postpone the search until January -candidates still in the job search game are up against far less competition in November and December. 

Basically, those jobs you thought were maybe out of your reach, or too good to be true, could be an open goal for you at this time of year. 

Be Prepared to Move Quickly

This brings us on to another valid point. A Christmas job search may mean that companies that are trying to make a hire before the new year are often trying to move quickly but may have limited interviewing slots available because of the holiday schedules of those involved in the hiring process. You’ll have a free head start if you’re willing to juggle your schedule to make yourself available when they can talk. That will probably mean being flexible about your holiday plans or even being willing to come back from a trip on short notice if asked. Just be aware that things are different this time of year, the usual rules may not apply, and you have to be ready to exploit the situation to your advantage. 

Christmas Isn’t a Global Phenomenon

If your job search is targeting a global company, that organisation may not slow down during traditional holiday periods. Keep in mind that every culture may not celebrate a holiday during December. So, if international assignments are what you’re seeking, whether you are Australia-based or not, stepping up the search during this time can improve your odds of landing a global role. 

Hit the Party Circuit!

There simply isn’t a better time of year for networking. There are many social and business holiday functions during December when you can connect with people who can help your job search. 

People are in a great frame of mind at Christmas and quite often are using this time of year to move on. This is your time to strike – grab the HR Manager’s details and be in there before the position has even been advertised. 

Unsure where these events are or how to get on the invite list? This is where your LinkedIn comes into its own. Stop reading this article now and go and look at what your LinkedIn colleagues are planning for their work do’s. Be a plus-one for the night and get your business cards up to date.

Christmas parties are a great time to network


Ultimately, if you are exhausted and need a break or if you have family obligations that are preventing you from conducting your job search, then postpone your job search until January. There will certainly be positions to apply for during the New Year. However, if you are still pumped up to do a search, then keep going. Don’t stop simply because you the general consensus is that it’s a slow time of year.  Capitalise on what the season offers job seekers. Make the most of the lower volumes of candidates applying and the increased amount of social opportunities the season provides.

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