Some Reasons Why You Are Not Getting an Interview

Not Getting an Interview? Examine the Real Reasons Why

If you are continually fed up with not getting an interview, despite knowing the role positions were virtually written with you in mind, there may be some things you need to address.

Here at Select Resumes, we have found that the most obvious reason is that clients’ resumes are just not strong enough. A poor-quality resume is an unfocused resume, a poorly designed (read; ugly) resume, or an error-filled resume (or worse still – all three!). A job-seekers resume is a critical marketing tool — one whose only purpose is to get you an interview.

So, if you are not getting an interview, your first step must be evaluating your resume with a critical, objective eye. Your resume simply must be a sharply honed document that clearly identifies your strengths, accomplishments, and career focus. It is not a life history, so it does not need to contain every single job you have ever had. A professional resume works because you can be up against anything approaching 500 other candidates for the same position. Your resume must make an impact, and it must do this on the first attempt. There is no second prize. You have to hit perhaps the top 3% of applicants to make an interview.

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Too Good for the Role?

Another reason could be that you are overqualified the role. This is a tough one to accept, especially if you have decided to downsize your career. However, you have to view your own resume through the eyes of the hirer and realise they do not want someone who they perceive will become frustrated in a role that is not stretching them.

There are ways to word your resume that can address this. In your cover letter, address your experience mismatch up front. “Say you know you have certain skills or previous positions that are above and beyond what the position calls for, but that you are looking for an additional type of challenge or opportunity,” says Alexandra Levit, a business speaker and author of ‘Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe.’

Not addressing the elephant in the room is a mistake, Levit says; “You aren’t making clear why the job in question is actually a good fit at this point in your life,” “and all the hiring manager can think is, ‘It doesn’t make sense that this person is applying.’”

Focus on your interest in the job and the company itself. Employers will be much more likely to take a chance on you if you talk about why you are passionate about the work rather than the fact that the job requires less travel or offers a shorter commute.

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Are you Proactive Enough?

Another reason could be the simplest – you are not following up. This could be because some job aggregate sites do not offer a means by which to do so, but if you have targeted a role directly, a hiring manager will appreciate your proactivity in following up your application. And even if you have received a rejection, you can still follow up to get some feedback, and this may give you another ‘in’ to possibly explore.

Do Not Assume Anything

Finally, if your job is out of state and you have not indicated anywhere in your resume or cover letter that you are willing to relocate, you cannot blame the hiring manager for rejecting your application out of hand on that basis. You may think that simply applying for a job makes it clear that you will move interstate for the role, but although HR managers are good, but they do not have crystal balls.

Not Getting an Interview is Down to Lack of Communication

Getting interviews, and ultimately landing the position you want, is about knowing your value, getting in front of the right people, and knowing how to communicate the key elements about you that make you an asset to the role and companies you are chasing.

Be honest, upfront and transparent in your cover letter and resume and make it as professional you possibly can.  Simply put, this will dramatically improve your chances of getting that interview.

Once you get to the interview stage of the job application process, our interview skills coaching service is designed to help you clearly communicate your abilities and achievements and get the role you want.

Are you seeking a resume writing service? Select Resumes can provide this service to you at the highest standard. Select Resumes also offers dedicated selection criteria writers to give you the help that you need for even the most complex government job applications. Once you have secured your interview, talk to us about our experienced and passionate interview skills coaches so that you can feel more confident at your next job interview.

not getting an interview

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