Addressing a Statement of Claims

If you are interested in applying for a position within any one of the many departments within the Australian Public Service (APS), your application will always need to include your resume, as well as evidence that you meet the required selection criteria.

Depending on the role and the department, you may find that this evidence is referred to as a Statement of Claims.

It is absolutely essential that this information is presented as specified, complying strictly with requirements regarding length and format; this will vary depending on the position, seniority of the role and department. Sadly, we have heard of too many tales of clients coming to us after having their Statement of Claims rejected purely on exceeding word count or pagination limits.

Ensure You Understand What is Required

You will need to carefully read the Selection Criteria, which is contained in the Position Description. These criteria are the reference point for the selection process and will have been carefully worded to elicit the most pertinent response to you as to how your experiences align with the employer and the role advertised. All applications and conducted interviews are assessed on the basis by which you have been able to demonstrate that they meet these criteria. Please note that in some cases, the criteria may be weighted, and the selected applicant will be the one that has the highest weighted score.

Statement of Claims

The next stage is critical – making your statement of claims against the selection criteria. More specifically, the job-specific criteria. Whilst the selection committee will be looking to see how your previous work experience and education prepares you to perform the duties of the position, the key challenge for each applicant is to demonstrate to the committee that you possess the necessary skills, qualities and expertise. A common mistake is to list a range of jobs or to make assertions about your abilities without establishing a connection with the criteria. A better approach is to give specific examples of work you have done, describing how you contributed to a process or outcome.

Remember, your statement of claims is must only address the role-specific criteria. Failure to address the job-specific criteria often results in the application receiving no further consideration.

Remember to Consider the STAR Format

When considering how to respond to the statement of claims, it is essential to include examples of your previous achievements which are the most relevant. Although it is tempting to try to include numerous examples, it is better to focus on one or two examples and explain them fully using the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

The STAR method is the most effective way to respond to the statement of claims for any government position. Responding this way also allows you to prepare for the interview as the panel of interviewers will be looking for you to respond to questions using this same method.

Give Your Statement of Claims the Best Chance to Succeed

The best way to ensure that you are providing the most compelling and relevant examples in response to the Statement of Claims is to work with a professional Resume Writer who specialises in selection criteria. At Select Resumes, our Selection Criteria Writers specialise in statements addressing selection criteria for clients across all government departments.

A professional Selection Criteria Writer will ensure that your statement addressing responsibilities for the role you have in mind is written to most closely match your skills and experience to the requirements of the position. With specific industry knowledge and experience working within various government departments, Select Resumes Writers work with you to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing an interview. For an obligation-free quote, contact us by sending the key selection criteria for the position you would like to apply for along with your contact details, and we will get right back to you.

Are you seeking a resume writing service? Select Resumes can provide this service to you at the highest standard. Select Resumes also offers dedicated selection criteria writers to give you the help that you need for even the most complex government job applications. Once you have secured your interview, talk to us about our experienced and passionate interview skills coaches so that you can feel more confident at your next job interview.

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