Is Job Searching at Christmas a Good Idea?

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Do You Say ‘Humbug’ to Job Searching at Christmas?

Are you a job hunter looking at the calendar and seeing how close we are to Christmas and thinking “It’s really not worth it ‘til January”? Well, Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice so shake off those negative vibes.

While it may be true that there is a slowdown in office duties during the run-up to Christmas, it’s absolutely incorrect to think that no-one is hiring the minute November comes round. We at Select Resumes know for a fact there’s plenty of hiring that goes on in this period as HR managers are often keen to begin the New Year with new talent.

The truth is that far from reigning back your efforts to land a job now is the time to ramp up your Festive job-seeking campaign as there will be fewer people chasing the jobs that are out there and up for grabs. Now is the time to cast your net into the market and if you move quickly and decisively, you could land a really great Christmas present – a new career.

Job Searching at Christmas

A Few More Reasons Why Christmas Could Bring You Good Cheer

• Hiring managers are easier to reach as there are fewer people to deal with
• There tends to be a lot of vacancies this time of year due to people leaving their jobs earlier to have an extended Christmas break leading to more job opportunities
• A lot of people save their job hunt for January which means there is a huge rush of job seekers looking for new jobs after Christmas. Beat this rush and get in there before

Job Searching at Christmas

Christmas Parties? Great Networking Opportunities!

There simply isn’t a better time of year for networking. There are many social and business holiday functions during November and December when you can connect with people who can help your job search.

People are in a great frame of mind at Christmas and quite often are using this time of year to move on. This is your time to strike – grab the HR Manager’s details and be in there before the position has even been advertised.

Unsure where these events are or how to get on the invite list? This is where your LinkedIn comes into its own. Stop reading this article now and go and look at what your LinkedIn colleagues are planning for their work do’s. Be a plus-one for the night and get your business cards up to date.

Job Searching at Christmas

Don’t Underestimate the ‘Temporary’ Christmas Position

If you can find a temp position in a company you like during the Christmas break – grab it. Don’t think of it as a stop-gap – view it as an opportunity. Companies very often keep some of the good temps they find for the holidays. If you’re good at what you do, the company won’t want to let you go. Apart from which, training is an expensive consideration, and they will already have made an investment in you.

So Is Your Resume Up To Speed?

Now’s the time to get your resume into shape. Select Resumes offers a standard 7-10 day service, but also has a premium service tailored to your needs, and given we’re open for business seven days a week, 365 days a year, if you want that Christmas job fast, you’ll get your resume fast.

So why not make use of the holiday season and get your New Year off to an amazing start with a new job? Call us today, and we’ll make sure you have the merriest of Christmases!

Are you seeking a resume writing service? Select Resumes can provide this service to you at the highest standard. Select Resumes also offers dedicated selection criteria writers to give you the help that you need for even the most complex government job applications. Once you have secured your interview, talk to us about our experienced and passionate interview skills coaches so that you can feel more confident at your next job interview.

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