It is an old adage – searching for a job is a job in itself. Hunting through job ads, selecting the few that really interest you, and then looking at the requirements for the application. Obviously, you need a well-written resume and in most cases, a selection criteria document or a statement of claims. But the one thing that often gets glossed over in the rush to get the application submitted is the humble cover letter. It almost sounds like an anachronism in this digital age.

But job seekers beware! A well-penned, strategically written cover letter can mean the difference between rejection and nailing that interview.

The cover letter acts as a virtual handshake – a brief but powerful introduction of you, your qualifications, work history and your ambitions for the future, and how that all ties in with your prospective employers’ own company ethos and vision.

It is a big ask to pack that all into a single page. It requires that you are able to summarise your own profile into a few punchy sentences that showcase your career development and that you have done your research on the company you are targeting so that the reader sees that your story is in alignment with theirs.

The style needs to be engaging, but not frivolous, factual but not dry. Above all, it must show a keen understanding of the role and its requirements within the overarching needs of the employer’s company.

And that’s all on one page. Daunting? It can be. Or you can just contact us here at Select Resumes and let us handle the whole package for you – cover letter, resume and selection criteria or statement of claims. We are one of the most experienced professional resume companies in Australia and we care about our clients. That is why we are open 24/7; so if you see that dream job and the closing date is looming, just ring us up and we will get on the case.

But whatever you do – don’t forget about the modest cover letter, it is more crucial than you think!

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