Statement Of Claims

Jobs within the Public Sector of the Australian government and increasingly with other organisations require, along with a cover letter and resume, a Statement of Claims to address your suitability for the role applied for. For most people applying for jobs, Selection Criteria as a supporting document for job applications have become the norm, but at Select Resumes, we assist with more and more vacancies that require a Statement of Claims. But what is a Statement of Claims?

Basically, it will be a short – normally two-page, occasionally three-page – document that specifically addresses the key capabilities of the role. Whereas a selection criteria document is usually around 500 words per criterion and requires the writer to address each point consecutively, sometimes with headings; a Statement of Claims is a more succinct document that obliges you to attend to the selection criteria questions, capability framework and other application requirements which will detail how you meet the skills and competencies required for the vacancy.

The format is slightly less formal inasmuch as the statement can follow a logical through-narrative from one paragraph to the next, but it must address several key issues – the specifics of the selection criteria question, and how you have demonstrated your competencies tackling each point. The document has to comply with specifications laid on the application as regards length and sometimes even font. To deviate from stipulations can mean automatic rejection. You should include a couple of examples of your own specific achievements. As you have limited space, it is best to try and come up with one or two that cover several of the criteria requirements. We use the S.T.A.R system which will focus thinking and produce results.

At Select Resumes we have significant experience preparing Statement of Claims documents for government and private sector jobs and would be delighted to be considered to prepare your cover letter and resume as well. We work 24/7 so imminent closing dates are not a problem. Please contact us to discuss you requirements.

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