Before you answer, the decision about whether or not you need the help of a professional resume writing service really depends on the result you are looking for. If you want to stand out from the sea of other applications and get the opportunity to interview for the position, you need a resume writing service.

If you’re happy to try your luck applying for countless positions (without a resume writing service) and not worried by an inbox filled with what the industry call TBNT Letters (Thanks but no thanks) then you’ll be fine on your own.

Here are the top ten reasons you need a resume writing service:

  1. Effective; a professional resume from a resume writing service gives you the best possible chance of getting an interview and getting the job you want, without one your chances dramatically decrease and your application could easily go unnoticed
  2. Gives you confidence; when you see yourself so professionally presented on paper it gives you that extra boost you need to “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” (as Henry David Thoreau once said)
  3. Makes you money; get the job you want, whether it’s a new role or a promotion, professionally written resumes stand out and present you as a professional and desirable candidate
  4. Positions you as a professional; before the recruiter or hiring manager has even met you they will have an image of you in their minds, make sure it’s a positive and professional one
  5. Raises the bar; once the hiring manager or recruiter has seen your resume, other candidates efforts will be compared to a higher standard and fall short
  6. What employers want; professional writers know what employers want to see, the words they respond well to, what layout and formatting to use
  7. Your strengths are played up; all of us find it difficult to sell ourselves, where a professional writer is paid to do just that
  8. Saves you time; you get an outstanding resume with only the smallest investment of your time in briefing the writer
  9. The right content; a professional resume writing service knows what to include and focus on and what to leave out
  10. 100 % Tax Deductible

Of course, there are a number of business’ offering resume writing services and selection criteria writers, so how do you know what to look for? A website with clear contact details is a must. Have a look at examples of their work, read client testimonials and look for a satisfaction guarantee.

Look for a team of professional writers who specialise in different industries as well as a high standard of graphic design. When you get in touch with them they should be able to clearly explain their process and their fees.

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