Recruitment freeze across the Australian Public Service 

A current external recruitment freeze has been implemented across the Australian Public Service in a bid to fill vacancies utilising current employees only. As a result, most advertising has ceased and advertised positions have been withdrawn. This freeze impacts all non essential permanent and non-ongoing (temporary) positions. Some specialist positions and targeted recruitment of graduate and Indigenous employees will not be affected.

What does this mean for Select Resumes clients?

The freeze only impacts the Australian Public Service. The state public services are still actively recruiting. Our Select Resumes writing team have a very high success rate with state selection criteria and application development, so if you are interested in transitioning from the federal sector to the state sector, Select Resume’s will be able to assist you as our consultants are well versed in the recruitment processes across all states.

Transitioning from the public service to the commercial (private) sector can be daunting for some people, but the benefits can be great. Our research indicates that in some senior public service roles employees may earn up to $50,000.00 less than their private sector counterparts.

Why wait? Our clients have mentioned a few of the barriers they perceived.

“Well often I think that my resume isn’t up to the standards required by the private sector. In government we focus on our roles and responsibilities, not on our achievements, and we rely on our selection criteria to present our skills to a panel.”  Or “I can’t put my whole career into a one page cover letter and resume”.  Select Resumes have supported hundreds of people to make the transition focusing on these very concerns.

Select Resumes offers a full resume development service. Our writers work with you to capture any and all relevant information to present your skills and achievements in the best light possible. Our Editors then polish the document, and our graphic design team add the finishing touches. We have specialist expertise across the IT, finance, HR, executive, health and education sectors, to name a few. The end result is a highly professional, informative and well presented resume that will assist you to launch the next phase of your career.


Some state governments have directed panels to consider the resumes of candidates as much as their selection criteria responses. No longer is a resume just an attachment that is glanced over. Resumes are now just as important in the public sector as they are in the private sector.

If you need a government resume writing service use our contact form, or call us today for a free quote. We also write government selection criteria writing for all levels and types.

Are you seeking a professional resume writing service? Select Resumes can provide this service to you at the highest standard. Select Resumes also offers dedicated selection criteria writers to give you the help that you need for even the most complex government job applications. Once you have secured your interview, talk to us about our experienced and passionate interview skills coaches so that you can feel more confident at your next job interview.