Thank you for finding the Select Resumes website! You have taken the first step toward your new job, and you are in the perfect place to do it. For over ten years, Select Resumes has devoted itself to ensuring our clients get their best chance of securing an interview. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; meaning you can rely on a premium service at a moment’s notice.

Why Choose Select Resumes?

Your resume has to make an impact. This is primarily achieved through a combination of visual layout, your qualifications and work history and how well you articulate your understanding of the position. Furthermore, you need to capture the essence of all this in a package that will be read, not just scanned.

Essentially, it is a sales pitch without you being there. But, with the help of Select Resumes, you will stand out from the crowd – and that is where we come in. Our team of industry-savvy resume professionals will give you a complete service that will see you through the selection process. And we also offer indispensable interview coaching tips as well, helping you to get over the finish line in style.

Who chooses Select Resumes?

We have helped literally 1,000s of job seekers reach an interview, and they come from every profession and position. However, there are some professions that we have become expert in over the years, and these include:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • IT
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Aged Care
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Corporate

Exclusive Select Resumes Design Templates

As you will see when you navigate through the site we write, edit and provide an exclusive design template to your resume, ensuring it stands out from the crowd. And make no mistake – that crowd is getting bigger all the time. In fact, you could be one of 500 or more people applying for a position. We have 100 general and industry-specific templates to choose from, each designed to maximise your chances being seen.  Furthermore, our designs are carefully crafted for imagery, colour and layout to stimulate a favourable disposition toward the job-seeker.  You can select one, or our writers are happy to choose one for you.

With Select Resumes, You’re in Good Hands

We match you with a professional writer highly experienced penning documents for your profession. Your writer will carefully read your existing resume before you speak, as well as the role description if required. They will note your strengths and areas of expertise, your qualifications and achievements. Then they will look at your short and long-term goals and begin to formulate their questions for you. During the consultation, they will also discuss with you your soft skills, which is a critical element of the process.

But what are soft skills?  They are qualities related to attitude, work ethic, and ability to handle pressure and changing priorities. Employers are actively looking to discover the individual behind the resume. The recruiter needs to see the evidence that you can interact effectively with your colleagues and across other departments. Also, your problem-solving skills, your ability to handle conflicts, your initiative and adaptability, are all important.  These are crucial characteristics that will help your employer make a valued decision about adding you to the interview shortlist.

Keywords are King

Ultimately, we will build a picture of what motivates you. Then, we get to work. Crucially, our resumes are designed to beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which filters out certain resumes. ATS is a software application that helps companies recruit employees more efficiently. An ATS is used to post job openings on corporate websites or job boards, screen resumes, and generate interview requests to potential candidates via e-mail. In reality, however, the most important feature is its keyword functionality. ATS can quickly scan your resume looking for industry-specific keywords and positive language, and if they’re not there – you are out. However, we know all about this, and we will make sure that your resume remains both readable and packed with the correct keywords.

Furthermore, if you are applying for a particular job, we will read through the position description (PD) painstakingly. This is to ensure you reflect exactly what the employer is seeking by using select keywords from the PD.

Ultimately, we are here to help prepare a package of documents that show you off in the best possible light. Our goal is to present you as the ideal candidate for the role you aspire to.

Select Resumes Will Make You a STAR

One of Select Resumes features is our insistence on including a key achievement on your resume.  In fact, we have found that a well-written key achievement on a resume can seal the deal in getting an interview. Furthermore, our key achievements stick to the tried and trusted STAR format. What is STAR? Well, your well-written resume performs many functions. It shows the recruiter you are qualified for the job. Also, it proves that you appreciate the culture of the company you are applying for as well as the needs of the position. Of course, it is a primary purpose is to show your key strengths and your work history. But STAR gives you the edge that will make the recruiter sit and up take notice of you.

STAR means Situation, Task, Action, and Result – it is a simple acronym that unlocks the key to a successful resume. The STAR format peppers your resume with interesting stories tailored to the desired position. Essentially, they highlight you and the key achievements in your career.

The SITUATION is your workplace, your department, the work you do. Next, we focus on a particular job – the TASK you were given. Next, the ACTION is the sequence of duties you undertook to meet the requirements of the task. Finally, the RESULT is the outcome of your actions, the money saved, sales increased, or productivity raised.

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