Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Physical and Mental HealthThere has been increased attention to the fact that employees need to experience better physical and mental health on the job. The benefits are obvious, but essentially, positive mental and physical health will lead to increased retention and higher productivity. The most sought-after employers are those that recognise focus on wellness as an integral component of their overall retention strategy.

A report by Oxford-based iOpener demonstrated this and also showed how the same climate boosts productivity because of two things: commitment to tasks and a higher level of energy among employees in fulfilling them.

Your Career – And How Physical and Mental Health Can Affect It

Both your physical and mental health directly affects how well you perform at work. When you are physically running on empty, you are more likely to get sick and miss work. That absence in itself will have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. You may need to plan for more in-depth help. For example, just one mental health day can benefit your work. It will refresh your perspective and clear your head for when you get back to work. Do not be that person who does not take leave because of your workload. You are not doing yourself any favours. Remember, you can take your vacation – it is a legal entitlement. Enjoy your time off, and you will be giving your boss the best version of you as well.

The Danger Signs and Ways to Stop Them

Mental HealthBut though employers help to encourage positive physical and mental health, there are times when we just are not feeling the love. From time to time, we all suffer from either physical or mental health deficiencies. This could be clinical mental illness due to factors in the workplace. Or it could be a lesser pattern of incremental stress leading to impaired work performance that is not actually clinical depression. Are you prone to tiredness? Emotional outbursts? Constant feelings of hopelessness and discouragement?

If so, you are experiencing significant stress. This does not take into account extenuating circumstance that may be affecting you. But they will be able to help you cope with everyday work stress in ways that will help all around. Simple things, like get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, and make sure you are enriching your brain by reading a good book or doing crosswords. Talk to people (and listen!).

Or what about your physical wellbeing? Think about the last time you exercised. Be it a run, a workout, a game of tennis. How did you feel afterwards?  You felt invigorated, even though your muscles were sore, right? The adrenaline kicked in, and you were alert and in a good mood. If you felt that way on a regular basis, imagine how much you will get done?

The Domino Effect

It is easily achievable. Take out a few moments on a break or during lunch to get some exercise. Even a brisk walk outside during your lunch break will make a world of difference. You will be raring to go all the way to 5 pm while your colleagues are feeling that post-lunch slump!

Physical and Mental HealthIn a Harvard Business Review article, neurological links were established among feelings, thoughts, and action. The study said that “Disengagement is a natural neurological and psychological response to pervasive negative emotions.” Turn that around, and you can easily see the power you have when there is sound mental health at work. Employees become much more engaged. Their thinking facility is at its best. This would mean better decisions and better decisions result to high quality output. This is not to say everyone needs to go around with The Top 50 Tony Robbins Quotes in their back pockets. But consciously, emotions matter a lot at work. Contentment is important.

It is on each of us to find ways to live our values at work. And it is on you and your management to create an environment where people can thrive. It is simple, and it is practical; if you want to be engaged and work with an engaged workforce, pay attention to how you create a vision. Link your wellbeing and your work to your company’s larger purpose, and reward yourself. You will find you will resonate with others and everyone’s physical and mental health will benefit.

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