Too Successful to Really Succeed?

It is hard enough to find that job that matches your talents. You are great at what you do, and you finally find the job that matches your abilities. But time and again, we hear from clients who are victims of their own accomplishment – they are literally too successful to advance upward.

Too Successful to Really Succeed?You are the type of person who gives 100% of yourself. Whether it is to your family, your friends or your job; nothing but the best is good enough. You are a committed individual, and you are driven to constantly do the best job possible. Be it an administration position or company director if you commit to it you are going to be the best at it. That is a good thing, surely?

Well, in theory, yes, but we have had many clients coming to us to complain they have become too successful. They have literally boxed themselves into a dead-end position by being indispensable in their current role. They have suddenly realised they have been waiting for years for that opportunity that never seems to come.

What Are the Signs of Being Too Successful?

So, when do you realise you are too good for your own good? Well, you notice some strange things happening in the office. For instance, you are no longer the first choice to head projects. Or, you have had a brilliant idea, and your manager is full of reasons why now is not the right time. When did they stop seeing your genius?

Do you suddenly find yourself out of step with your colleagues? Why is only you who can see the problems and everyone else is happy? If just the idea of taking a holiday has you imagining things falling apart without you, you need to look at your approach.

A Way out of the Trap

Too successfulPerhaps you need to reign in the genius a bit. Do not be that worker who desperately holds onto knowledge about work methods and refuses to share it. You may feel like you are making yourself dispensable if you circulate information. However, the opposite is true, withholding helpful information can, in fact, damage your career and trap you in a job for years. Instead of being the only person who does what you do, look around and see if you can show someone else. Author some detailed policies and procedures. Seek out a worthy co-worker fill in for you when you are out. Offer to be trained in their duties so that you can return the favour. This cross-training approach will benefit you, as well as the company overall since you will each have a backup for your vital duties.

If you have alienated your manager by being so gung-ho they see you as a threat, just tone down the eagerness and enthusiasm a bit. It will work wonders for you.

Move on up, or Move on out

Your environment may be irreparably threatened by your skills, and you are destined to be the victim of the tall-poppy syndrome. So, it may be that you have to leave in order to move up in your career. You will still have your skills, just make sure they stand out in a persuasive and compelling resume. Negotiate your position of being someone moving to take on bigger challenges to gain a higher wage and better recognition

A fresh start will enable you to shale off the stigma of being too successful for your own good. Learn from your experiences and make a fresh start. Do not get locked into the mindset of being too successful. Make your skills work for you instead of against you.

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