Before the Simple Rule – Here is the Simple Truth

Saying that you should tell the truth on your resume would appear to be a fairly obvious statement. However, a 2014 poll from CareerBuilder found that 58% of employers caught applicants lying about previous roles, skills, or qualifications. We live in a world where your digital footprint is easy to follow. Companies have experts to investigate all resume claims easily and precisely. And we are not talking about simply giving yourseTell the truth of your resumelf an extra grade or a certificate going back years. People exaggerate their skill-sets and responsibilities, expand dates of employment, or makeup companies they say they have worked for.

Although the financial services sector is likely to catch people out, Government, IT, and healthcare are putting resources into fraud. The fact is, you may think it is harmless to exaggerate a claim on your resume, but it is not a victimless crime. Even if you land the job based on an exaggerated resume, your lack of actual skills or experience could have very real consequences. And entry or mid-level workers aren’t the only ones guilty of fibbing. Top executives have done it, too.

Major Hitters Being Economical with the Truth

Here are some examples of people caught red-handed who should have known better. Canadian businessman John Davy was appointed the CEO of the New Zealand television network, Maori Television Service. He was fired after it was discovered that his resume was almost entirely made up. Intercontinental Hotels Head of Asia-Pacific Operations, Patrick Imbardelli, left after a review of his background found he that he had exaggerated his resume. Bruno Sorrentino resigned as the head of IT and director of research for Telstra. He had not graduated from Imperial College with a PhD in physics as his resume stated. Telstra tried to look into his thesis, only to find it did not exist as he had never attended the college.

Just tell the truth

Tell the truth on your resumeThese are rare examples at a senior level, as the main reason people lie in the first place is that they lack the ability to recognise their actual skills. Or, if they are aware, they find it extremely difficult to write it in a persuasive way. Employers who have found fake claims on employee’s resumes are very unforgiving about it. A generously low 51% said they would fire that person immediately.

With Select Resumes there is no Reason Not to Tell the Truth on your Resume

However – this is where Select Resumes comes in. We are expert in recognising your skills and presenting them in a way that far exceeds the effect of any exaggeration you may have considered. A seasoned writer will be assigned to you, and they will reveal the person behind the qualifications. We believe in showcasing you as an individual in your resume. We ensure that your values perfectly line up with those of your prospective employer.

Because it is not just your title, qualifications and skills that win the interview. It is the persuasive argument that you – and only you – can carry out the responsibilities of the position. Ultimately, there is absolutely no valid reason not to tell the truth on your resume. We have successfully helped 100’s of candidates through to their interview simply by creating powerful, convincing documents that highlight you in ways you have never imagined.

So, pick up the phone and speak to us today and discover why it’s always best, to tell the truth on your resume!


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