What Makes an Oscar-Winner?

An Oscar-Winner is sometimes difficult to predict. Your work will be recognised and rewarded if you are the best in your field. This year, The Shape of Water won the big price, and it is arguably director Guillermo del Toro’s best film. In fact, he won Best Director too.

Oscar Winner Gary Oldman received career recognition in the form of an Academy Award

Oscar Winner Gary Oldman

Which brings us to Best Actor. Now Gary Oldman’s performance as Winston Churchill is magnificent, no doubt. However, he was up against stiff competition, not least Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread and Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out. So, was it his finest film, or was it a recognition of his career, or of his resume?

Oldman, like many before him, was an overdue Oscar-Winner. The Academy tends to vote emotionally, and his resume is visible just by seeing his name in the cast of a film. From Sid and Nancy, to State of Grace, from Leon to True Romance, the man is incapable of giving a bad performance. His film The Darkest Hour has Oscar-bait written all over it. It is a good film, but is it Oldman’s best performance? Is it better, for example than Daniel Day-Lewis’ magnificent turn?

A Body of Work

No, the likely truth is that, like Paul Newman for The Color of Money, Oldman got the honour for his body of work. The Academy recognised that he deserved the award based on the accumulation of experience, key performances and his dedication to his craft.

Oscar Winners

And if it can work for Gary Oldman and his Oscar, it can work for you and your job. An articulate sales-pitch is the ideal definition of a professional resume. A resume is the story of your career, complete with a mini-biography, professional journey, and your best performances highlighting your skills, experience and working style.

Like the Academy, your employer will be looking for qualities that make you stand out from the competition in your current role. The entirety of your career is what swayed the Academy for Oldman, and it will for you too.

Win Your Own Oscar

For many, landing a dream job will be as rewarding as being an Oscar-winner. It will be the culmination of study, passion, hard work and the development of skills. But, you have to have something that will make your hard work visible. A perfect presentation of your skills is what will get you noticed.

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Once written, we will prepare the text within an exclusive design template from dozens to select from. Even when you’re sleeping, we are working for you. Rest easy knowing that no matter how late in the day you realise you need a perfect resume – we have got you covered.

Why us? You can be great at what you do, but if you cannot express that in a way that convinces a recruitment panel that you are what they are looking for, it will not count for anything.

We Will Make You an Oscar-Winner

A persuasive, compelling and articulate resume will propel you straight to the top of the pile. Our entire ethos is to get our clients in front of the interview panel. We have proven track record in achieving that, so do not leave your career to chance. We know what the recruiters are looking for and we will make sure they find it on your resume. To us, you are all an Oscar-winner – it is our job to get you to the podium.

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