The only real way to write the perfect resume is to think like the hiring manager of the company you are targeting. Your resume has to walk a fine line between showcasing you and your skills and experience, whilst at the same time proving that you understand the objectives and ethos of the company you are applying to. To do these two things in tandem requires skill and perception.

Fortunately, the team at Select Resumes have many years of experience in the HR departments of a wide range of industries. So what are they looking for? Obviously, they want to see your experience, qualifications and skills and how you have demonstrated their application in real-world scenarios that have verifiably positive outcomes. They want to see this clearly articulated in succinct, clear prose that is presented within an aesthetically pleasing design. Anything less will result in rejection. However, there are other elements that must be addressed. These are somewhat harder to communicate.

In order to show the following qualities, you will need to revisit the basics of your resume and‘re-engineer’ the text. Passion and enthusiasm must exude from the text. Not in an over-the-top, cloying manner naturally, but a spare and strategic use of positive adjectives such as ‘decisive’, ‘thorough’, ‘meticulous’, ‘structured’, etc. will enhance the text and demonstrate passion.

If your application is successful, you will most likely be joining an established team. The HR Manager will be looking at your resume for signs that you are a team player or that you have experience motivating a team. Demonstrated examples of your abilities in this regard are a major plus.

Research the company and reflect their philosophy back at them within the body of the text. Now, this is a tricky one – an HR Manager does not want to see their website text regurgitated back at them in your resume. You have to be highly creative and subtle to do this in such a way as to invoke the feeling of your ethos aligning with theirs without being obvious – this is a very delicate fete to execute well but pays great dividends. You could also try speaking to people who work there if possible to get other perspectives. Also, reach out to your LinkedIn network to see if any of your contacts work there – this is a very useful tool that is not exploited often or well enough.

Finally, you need to illustrate you have long-term potential. Again, this is a major asset the HR Manager will be looking to see on your resume. This is not something to be stated bluntly but should be invoked via the arc of your career to date, your stated career outlook and your key skills and qualities. Just bear in mind the recruiter does not want to hire an employee who has a fragmented career (without good reason). They will be making a significant investment in hiring and training you they need to be sure you will not be moving in six months. Demonstrate your willingness to invest in continuing professional development and are committed to growth within the position on offer and the company as a whole.

If you at all unsure you can produce a document that fulfils all these essential criteria than we strongly suggest you engage Select Resumes to help you, as we have done for hundreds of satisfied clients in the past.

Your resume is a critically important document through which your entire future career depends. You only get one shot at that dream job; you need to make sure you have the best chance and succeeding. Contact Select Resumes today to see how we can help you.

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