At Select Resumes, we know better than most that the job search landscape can be a tricky and even cut-throat place. Companies are looking to hire the best of the best, and it can often be a buyer’s market. Many candidates wrack their brains trying to figure out how to make their resume stand out from the crowd and sadly, a report we read recently stated that up to 20% of candidates under 40 years of age resort to dishonesty on their resumes. There is a real financial issue for employers recruiting candidates based on fraudulent claims on resumes. But the potential to ruin your own career prospect is what should dissuade you from ever being so desperate to as fall into this trap.

We live in a time where your digital footprint looms large. Companies either have or can hire, experts to investigate all resume claims with ease and precision. And we are not talking about simply giving yourself an extra grade or a certificate going back years. It has been found that some people routinely embellish their skill-sets and responsibilities, expand or contract dates of employment, exaggerate job titles, or even fabricate companies they have worked for.

Although the financial services sector is the one most likely to catch people out, government, IT, leisure, healthcare, and retail are increasingly putting more and more resources into resume fraud. The fact is, you may think it is harmless to exaggerate a claim on your resume, but it is not a victimless crime. Even if you land the position based on an embellished resume, your shortfall in actual skills or experience could have very real ramifications.

Employers who have retrospectively found fraudulent claims on employee’s resumes are pretty unforgiving about it. A generously low 51% said they would fire that person on the spot.

But all of this is easily avoided. The main reason people lie in the first place is that they lack the objectivity to properly recognise their actual skills, or if they are aware of their worth, find it extremely difficult to articulate it in a persuasive and compelling manner.

This is where we come in. Select Resumes are expert in recognising the skills you do have and presenting them in a way that far surpasses the effect of any exaggeration or embellishment you may have considered. You will be allocated a seasoned writer who will take time to talk to you and to discover the person beyond the qualifications, beyond the job experience. We believe in showcasing the individual in our resumes, and ensuring that your values are expressed in such a way that shows how they align with your prospective employer. Because it is not just your job title, not just your qualifications and not just your skill sets that will win you an interview – it is the persuasive argument that you are someone who will not just be able to carry out the tasks and responsibilities of the position, but one who shares the same beliefs that will make you a positive asset to their company.

Ultimately, there is absolutely no practical or moral rationale for resorting to falsifications on your resume. Select Resumes have successfully navigated 100s of candidates through to interview simply by creating powerful, convincing documents that showcase the real you in ways you have perhaps never realised you possessed.

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