Used properly, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful professional networking tool that can significantly improve your ability to find a fitting employer and for them to find you. But, like social media it is only as good as the effort you put in. Do you keep it as up to date as you should? Do you simply go on occasionally and congratulate peers who are nailing the jobs you wish you had?

Here at Select Resumes, the experts in showcasing your career, we believe that even if you are content in your job, you should always be keeping abreast of your industry trends, the jobs those in your sector are securing, and making sure that people who are in a position to influence your career are aware of your achievements.

LinkedIn fulfils all these criteria and once you get into the habit of visiting the site regularly, you will find it an invaluable resource and part of your armoury of career-enhancing tools. There are various ways to utilise the site to suit your requirements. A good tip is to see who views your profile. This is a great way to see how you are positioning yourself in the marketplace and may give you impetus to look at industry sectors you had not previously explored.

Reaching out and connecting with industry peers would seem an obvious and worthwhile endeavour but many people are content to accept contact invitations rather than make them. This one change in your LinkedIn habits could be transformative, sparking a conversation that could lead in exciting new directions.

Equally though, as in life, size is not everything and this is not Facebook – building a colossal number of contacts is not the name of the game. Be strategic, do some homework, and once you have made contact, begin industry-related conversations. These can end up being merely informative but one thing can lead to another and be potentially life-changing.

So remember, Select Resumes will prepare your cover letter and resume, and if need be, your key selection criteria, but remember to keep networking. Speak with our consultants about maintaining a proactive engagement on LinkedIn. Like us, it is there to help you.

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