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Having a professional construction resume in the construction industry is essential in obtaining an interview within today’s competitive job market, it is the smartest and fastest way to get your foot in the door and land your dream job.

  • First impressions count and the first thing an employer will usually see is a copy of your cover letter and resume

Resumes and cover letters are like personal presentations on paper, they are there to sell you to the employer.  Just like when attending a personal face-to-face interview, you need to be well presented to appeal to your prospective employers and to catch their eye. To gain their attention, you need to be interesting, assert confidence, even if you are shaking inside!

  • An employer on average may receive hundreds of resumes and often they do not have the time to sit and read through the lot. They are targeting specific words and they are seeking knowledge and skill sets and industry specifics that fit with their company. They are looking for the stand out resume, not like the rest. Only a resume written by experienced professionals like Select Resumes catches the eye, for they know exactly what the employers are seeking, they research the company thoroughly and target the resume to fit with the industry.
  • Because of time factors, some companies today are using computer scanning devices which search specific industry words. Professional resume writers like Select Resumes know all of the “Tools of the Trade” and that is why they are in this business, they will keep your resume updated and looking your best!
  • Professional “Resume” writers have researched and gained the knowledge and insights that will keep your “Resume” updated with industry changes and styles. They are closely watching the market just like any other business, and they are there to corner the market, expecting good returns and outcomes with your professional “Resume”.
  • Professional resume writers such as Select Resumes are in this line of business for the purpose of assisting you to be successful in gaining employment!

Take the smart option; have your construction resume written by a professional resume writing service such as Select Resumes, where the resume writing service is Simply the Best!

Written by Antony Hawkings, Qld

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