Social Media LinkedInAs technology and social media evolve, Government and businesses must also evolve. The implications for communications and administration within these organisations are obvious, but what may not be so obvious are the implications for departments such as HR and Recruitment.
Increasingly HR and Recruiting departments are scouring the Internet and social media networks for information related to applicants and employees. The term social media does not only pertain to networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it also encompasses professional and career-oriented networking sites such as LinkedIn.

In recent years LinkedIn, one of the most powerful social media networks for professionals has created the APPLY WITH LINKEDIN button. The use of this button when applying for a job has advantages for both the applicant and the recruiter. The fact that Australian Government websites are adopting the use of this feature as an option when applying for Government positions emphasizes the effectiveness of the tool.

Governments, or any organisation, can use the LinkedIn applications to more easily compare, sort, rank, and store profiles of potential employees. A LinkedIn profile is a far more standardised presentation of an individual’s career history and achievements than the many variations of a resume or CV. Further, an applicant’s connections (including second and third-degree connections) and professional affiliations are clearly visible. Being aware of such connections can often be a more powerful point of reference than a Referee nominated on a resume.

For the applicant applying for a Government position through LinkedIn the basic rules of social media become even more important:

  • Do not criticize or denigrate any past, present or potential employers or colleagues
  • Avoid posting inappropriate or embarrassing content
  • Maintain your profile by updating your achievements and projects, and, when appropriate, removing obsolete and irrelevant information

When applying through LinkedIn, applicants are notified of professional connections that are already employed by the organisation. These connections can be a powerful referral tool, or simply a source of information regarding the position or organisation. Often, as the old saying goes, it is not what you know, it is who you know.

With the number of applications received for the increasing number of Government positions, recruiters are undoubtedly looking for ways to streamline the process of sorting through applicants, whilst still ensuring they employ the best person available. LinkedIn provides them with a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable option. Further, the very nature of connections may lead to the discovery of an individual who has not applied for the position or who may be suitable for an alternate position.

It could be said that when applicants apply for Government positions through LinkedIn it effectively levels the playing field. All applicants have the same opportunity to provide the same information to the same recruiter. How applicants choose to maximise that opportunity is up to them.

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