All Your Professional Resume Writing Questions Answered


Please have a read through our FAQs to get answers to the most asked questions here at Select Resumes.

Who should use Select Resumes?

Any professional who is looking to maximise their chances of securing an interview and gaining their ideal job. Select Resumes works with professionals of all levels; including executives, experienced managers, as well as new grads, to help prepare them for the job search. Click below for our service options:

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Key Selection Criteria Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Coaching

“I’m an executive lion tamer with a background in creating widgets. Have you written for my occupation before?”

Select Resumes has grown in strength and size and approaching its 9th year in business. We have a diverse team of experienced writers with skills across a broad industry spectrum. From programmers to executives, from marketing managers to engineers, and all points in between, there would not be many occupations out there that we have not dealt with. You will find that most of our writers have not worked in the same industry as you; however, they are highly skilled and professional at what they do. Our team of writers have exceptional abilities at questioning you and researching your industry to write content that presents you in the best light possible. With a network of skilled writers at our disposal, in-depth insight is never further than a click away.

“I’ve had my resume written by someone else, and it’s awful. Can you fix it?”

We have seen a lot of bad resumes over the years… and yes, some of those resumes have been from professional writing firms. That is often because people can call themselves anything they like and there are some who fail to grasp what you do, and what is important to you. However, sometimes job seekers can be overly critical too or just simply not possess the knowledge of contemporary job search. If you send us the resume you are unhappy with, we will review it objectively and ask ourselves: is the resume poorly written, not targeted to your goal or in line with current trends? Could we make a difference and do it better? Are you reasonable in your dislike of the document or is your assessment coloured by a lack of knowledge, a dislike of the service you used, or an unachievable aim for perfection? Is your job target achievable and finally, are you willing to devote the money, time and effort to do it all again? Once we review the situation, we will provide you with a frank assessment of what we consider the next steps to be. Please note that we never ‘update’ a resume written by another company. If we think we can help, we will be rewriting it from scratch.

“Where can I see some sample Select Resumes documents?”

To view some sample resumes, please visit our Resume Gallery. Please note that every Select Resumes resume is customised to fit our clients’ specific situation and career objectives. We do not use generic designs, so while you can expect your resume to reflect the overall quality of the format, verbiage, and content of our sample resumes – yours will be written and customised just for you.

“Why do I need a Professional Resume?”

Simply stated, an expertly prepared resume will be your best chance of a securing an interview. Utilising the combined talents of a team of trained and specialised writers and experienced human resource personnel will be the wisest investment in your professional future you will make.

“Can I purchase just a resume? Or just a cover letter or key selection criteria?”

You can purchase any combination of services you like. Most of our clients purchase a resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter – and once they secure an interview, they purchase the interview skills package. However, you are free to select any combination of services that meets your needs. Click here to view our career services or contact one of our friendly consults to discuss a customised package that will meet your needs.

“How do I begin the Process?”

Send an email or call us. We are here seven days a week and are known in the industry for going that extra mile to help our clients who need to apply for jobs with tight turnaround times. We offer a free appraisal service so if you are unsure if this service is for you, send in your existing documents and we will provide you with some feedback and advice on how we can work with you to improve them.

“Can I select my resume writer/career consultant?”

If you have worked with one of our professionals in the past, you can request them, and we will allocate your order to them if their current workload permits. Otherwise, we will match you up with one of our highly skilled and experienced writers, or you can have a look through our writers profiles section and let us know if there is someone you would prefer to work with.

“How long will it take to get my resume”?

Unless otherwise specified, we strive to finalise a client’s resume and cover letter within 10 business days from the time they complete a telephone consultation with one of our writers.

“Can you meet my deadline to develop documents for the job I am applying for?”

We have a team of writers on board who are committed to ensuring you get your documents on time. While we do like to work with ample time, we do understand how busy life can get and just how much a quality job application means to you. As such, for an additional fee, we do offer a priority service for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours turnaround.

“Can I hear from actual Select Resumes clients who have used the service?”

Absolutely! We have posted a number of testimonials on our site as well as many email testimonials, and we also welcome you to read our reviews on Google and Facebook.

“What are the payment options?”

Select Resumes accepts payment via Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal. Payment must be made in Australian dollars only, and unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment via cheque or money order.

“What do you need from me?”

All we need from you is your existing documents if you have the, as well as our simple Resume Information or LinkedIn Information forms completed. These forms assist by providing our writers with some background information and a starting point to prepare for your telephone consultation with them. We also encourage you to send through written reference letters or feedback, as well as any awards or certifications that you may have – the more detailed information you can provide your writer, the better they can write on your behalf, ensuring all of the important facts are covered.

“Does it matter if I don’t have an existing resume?”

Absolutely not. Our Resume Information Form will give you an opportunity to fill in your work and/or education history. During your telephone consultation, one of our professional writers will ask you a series of questions to fill in all the other gaps.

“Will you design my documents for me?”

We certainly will. You will have access to hundreds of our exclusive resume design designs to choose from. Some are generic, and many are industry-specific, so you will no problem in picking one that suits you. If you are having difficulty in selecting a suitable design, your writer will determine your preferences and will happily send through a shortlisted selection to suit your requirements. For a small additional fee, our graphic design team can also tailor a design that will be uniquely you.

“What kind of information/input do you need from me?”

To ensure that you stand out from other applicants, your writer will spend time getting to know you through a comprehensive telephone consultation, as well as email or Skype if that is more convenient for you. This process assists us to determine your unique achievements and key experiences, and then clearly demonstrate them within the context of your career history, education, training, knowledge, skills and abilities.

“How does the consultation work?”

Your experienced writer will call you at a time that suits you – day or evening, weekday or weekend. The call should take no longer than 30-45 minutes (longer for detailed key selection criteria discussions). During the call, your writer will discuss your career to date, and you will be asked about some key achievements you have enjoyed along the way. The consultation is designed to bring out information about you as professional that your current resume may have omitted. Our team of professional writers are extremely skilled at asking the right questions that will enable you to provide details regarding your strongest skills, achievements and experience, thus facilitating their ability to put together career documents that will help you to stand out from other applicants.

“Is a cover letter important?”

A tailored cover letter has many uses. It introduces you as an individual and as a prospective new employee at the company you are targeting. Therefore, it must fulfil a dual role, to immediately give a snapshot of your career to date and how well you understand the role and company to which you are applying. It must do all this in an articulate and clear fashion, enticing the reader to want to know more about you and how you will be a great fit with their organisation or department.

“Can I get my key selection criteria written by you as well?”

Yes. We have a wealth of experience preparing key selection criteria documents. These will necessitate a deeper understanding of your key achievements that align with the criteria. We also compose a statement of claims for government jobs. It is crucial these documents adhere precisely to the requirements in the application document, sometimes even down to font to be used and word count.

“What quality control process does Select Resumes use?”

Every resume or other work product we submit to a client is reviewed by a minimum of two sets of eyes, including our qualified team of editors. Our quality is of the utmost importance to us.

“Can I make changes to my resume?”

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your finished documents, you can request edits at no extra charge for up to 30 days from the date you receive them. Our aim is to make sure you are completely happy with your finished product, and we will work to make sure everything is exactly as you wish before you submit your job application. Moreover, you will be provided with a fully editable Microsoft Word document in which you can update your career history as you progress, add additional qualifications or certificates, as well as change your referee details as needed. Of course, if you ever need assistance with your updates outside of the 30-day review period, we will ensure you are provided with the best price for one of our writers to complete the work for you.

“What other services can I use with you?”

We offer a holistic job service, so, as well as our resume writing services and key selection criteria writing service, we also offer interview coaching, LinkedIn profile writing and advice regarding how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

Additionally, we provide a range of business services, including business capability statement writing and design, outplacement services and LinkedIn business and staff profile writing.

“Can you guarantee results? If I engage your services, can you guarantee that I will be short-listed for an interview?”

While we wish we could offer this kind of promise, there is no way we can guarantee results unless we are the only people on the selection panel and managing the recruitment process. Your application will be benchmarked and assessed against other applicants, which will be rated on your capacity to provide evidence of your knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities. Based on these factors, you may or may not be invited for an interview. What we can guarantee is that the quality and integrity of your application will be radically improved if you decided to work with one of our professional resume and selection criteria writers. You will also be in a position to use the material we provide you as part of your future applications.

“Will all of my information be kept private and confidential?”

The team at Select Resumes are committed to the highest levels of personal and professional ethics, and we ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy to all clients who engage our services or request a quote or advice.