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Business Capability Statement


A carefully crafted Business Capability Statement distinguishes you from your competitors and presents the case for conducting business with you. With a team of professional writers, we know how to craft a powerful business profile to firmly establish your business brand and communicate your best qualities to potential clients, business partners, suppliers and stakeholders.


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Stand out from your competition with a professionally crafted Business Capability Statement. At Select Resumes we offer a professional Business Capability Statement writing and design service to present your individual and organisational capabilities, achievements, vision and unique selling point.

Consult directly with one of our professional writers to discuss the history, strengths and competencies of your business along with your goals and preferences. Your writer will then create a highly professional and persuasive Business Capability Statement from all the information they’ve gathered. Your Business Capability Statement is then sent to one of our dedicated editors to ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar and general presentation of your information is flawless. The completed, proofread draft is then sent to one of our specialist graphic designers, who will create a unique professional design in alignment with your preferences and current business branding.

The purpose of a Capability Statement is to document the core strengths of your business or organisation, in order to provide your target audience with the information necessary to make the decision on whether they should conduct business with you. For this reason, it is vitally important that your Capability Statement is professionally researched, written and designed.

A well written and designed Capability Statement can help your business;

  • Present a professional and polished image to potential clients
  • Help secure contracts
  • Showcase achievements and qualifications
  • Set you apart from your competitors
  • Communicate your goals for the future
  • Highlight why your products and/or services are superior