Felicity P.

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Felicity is a Recruitment Specialist with broad experience that spans two decades. She offers in-depth knowledge of what employers and recruiters look for when screening and selecting job applicants. Felicity has a solid understanding of a broad range of roles in various industries and sectors, including those in the financial services, engineering, information technology, medical, FMCG, government and legal industries. Significant experience in the recruitment market has given her unparalleled understanding into the skills, strengths and qualities most often sought by employers. Her professionalism, experience and knowledge of the recruitment process in its entirety have helped establish her as a specialist in the field.

Felicity has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she draws on to ensure outstanding results and outcomes for her clients. She has a unique ability to understand individual needs and motivations and then creating tailored strategies to assist her clients in fulfilling their short and long term career goals. Felicity collaborates with clients to explore transferrable skills to create high-quality, compelling and personalised documents that capture her clients’ individual experience, knowledge, strengths and achievements.

Felicity is passionate about helping and providing support to job seekers in achieving their career goals and demonstrating your value to employers and recruiters. She recognises the importance of resumes, cover letters and selection criteria in not just communicating skills and capabilities, but also as vital tools in helping people reach their career and life goals.

Career History
Recruitment Manager
Career Coach and Mentor
Examples of Recent Work
Primary School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
HR Manager
BDM/Sales Manager
Enrolled Nurse
Registered Nurse
Graduate Nurse
Industry Expertise
CEO and Executive level positions
APS and Government Resume and Selection Criteria Writing
Nursing Resume and Selection Criteria Writing
Teaching Resume and Selection Criteria Writing
Business Resume and Selection Criteria Writing
Graduate Resume and Selection Criteria Writing
What Clients Say

Thank you. I am very happy with my documents prepared, thank you.”
– New client
(Executive resume, cover letter, statement of claims and LinkedIn service)

“I have just had a chance to read through my resume and cover letter. Thank you so much! It is exactly what I needed!”
– New client
Graduate Nurse (resume and cover letter service)